╬╝Plot Demos

Multi time-series (two scales) Areas chart Grid over series Axis positioning, metrics & style Axis auto-size Dependent scales Function graphing & focus closest series High/Low bands Sparklines Dynamic data update / streaming Disable pixel alignment (avoid pixel jitter when streaming) Sine wave stream (3,600 points lookback @ 60Hz) Sync cursor, toggle & focus across multiple charts Dynamically toggle cursor between select-and-zoom & select-only Tooltips plugin (basic) Tooltips plugin (placement.js for positioning & containment) Tooltip on closest datapoint w/click, and moar! Cursor hover nearest non-null Proper timezone & DST handling Missing data & gaps Sparse data alignment & null fills Variable month widths Resize with window Soft min/max Compare several overlaid time periods & stacked legend Logarithmic scales (log10, real data) Logarithmic scales (log2, log10, axis formatters) Inverse hyperbolic sine scales Data smoothing (moving avg) "Nice" scale Scale padding test No data Y-shifted series Points density control Bars, stepped & smooth lines Gradient fills & strokes (vt & hz, scale-affixed & data-relative) Scale direction & orientation (e.g. rotation, inversion) Russian month names on date/time axis Dynamically add or delete series Sync chart position when inside a scrollable container


Trendlines from zoomed range & zoom snapping OHLC plugin + legend-as-tooltip plugin Box & whisker plugin + legend-as-tooltip plugin Draw hooks & (custom points) Multi-series bars plugin Timeline/discrete state sequence plugin Latency Heatmap Scatter & Bubble Render to image/png


Different zoom variants (adaptive, uni/omnidirectional) Fetch & update data on zoom Secondary sync'd overview chart for x-axis zoom ranging Secondary sync'd overview chart for x-axis zoom ranging (with grips) Secondary sync'd overview chart for x/y-axis zoom ranging Pinch zooming/panning plugin Mouswheel zooming plugin


Stacked series